Chris Rehberger | | Germany

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In the interview session, we find out more about the guests' lives as well as when they first encountered music and how it has shaped them along the way. Questions about their musical background will be asked and the goal is to find out what motivations drove them to music, whether it was rock, pop, jazz, or hip-hop. We talk about the social, political, or even economic influences and learn more about the musical development of the guest.

The vinyl-only label Perlon was founded by Zip, Markus Nikolai & Chris Rehberger in 1997 and is still one of the most renowned record labels in the electronic music scene. Up to this date, kids are dancing to the minimal-house label whose sound is shaped around minimalistic vocals and crispy elements.
Not only the music but also the design of the brand and their exclusive and recognizable sleeves are made by Chris Rehberger. He is an all-rounder in fashion, design, and music, therefore his studio is located in the heart of Kreuzberg in Berlin which is the root for many creative and promising projects. He received many respectable awards and worked with Guggenheim Museum New York, MTV, Universal Music, Mykita, Julie Stoschek, Lacoste, and The Venice Biennale of Arts, – to only mention a few.
„The color schemes we’re working with at Double Standards are always in your face.“
Chris’s background is quite fascinating. Coming from Germany, but spending the 90s in London as well as Manchester pathed his way for his enhanced interest in different cultures and music. He loved punk & Skinhead music as well as the story behind it. Living and enjoying different cities in Europe made his interest and passion about music even bigger, acquiring a big spectrum and open taste in it.

In the second part of the show, the guest shares musical compositions that have most influenced and shaped him or her. In addition, the guest tells his own personal story about each piece and takes the audience on a journey through time.

In the listening session, Chris Rehberger (Perlon) talks about Conny Plank, shares the music of Billy Bragg, Primal Scream, Aphex Twin, and many more. Isabelle and Chris agree on the fact that the quality of music stands above all. Watch the full listening show and listening to some new old music.


Guest: Chris Rehberger:
Location: Double Standards:
Double Standards:
Label: Perlon:

Isabelle Beese (Moderator & Executive Producer)
TimeToBeLive (Video Production)
Claude Steiner & Dustin Proebstl (Titles)
Ariel Cabrera (Sound Design)
Maxime Diard Laumond (Graphic Design)
Julia Richter (Translator)
Robert Rebelein & Manuela Knobel & Tanja Kreideweis (Assistance),

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